You may be vacuum cleaning your furniture and even dusting it during routine cleaning. However, if your furniture is upholstered, it will benefit immensely from professional upholstery cleaning. A professional upholstery cleaning company will not only get rid of embedded soil and dirt in the furniture but will help extend the life of the furniture too. However, it is necessary to select an upholstery cleaning company that has the expertise and knowledge of cleaning all types of fabric. This will ensure that the fabric on your furniture does not get damaged during the cleaning process.

We take pride in bring professional upholstery cleaning services to your home and providing excellent customer service. We offer cost-effective cleaning methods that will get rid of all traces of dirt, dust and other particulate matter from your furniture, leaving it looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Our technical personnel are highly trained and have the expertise and knowledge to use the right cleaning solution and tools, so that your furniture does not get damaged. Our upholstery cleaning rates are reasonable and competitive and conducted by certified and insured technicians. We offer references should you feel the need to check us out. We have years of experience in cleaning upholstery and ensure that your furniture will be cleaned to your expectations.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Procedure
Our unique and special upholstery cleaning method causes minimal disturbance to your routine. Instead you can be assured of renewed looking furniture and fresh-smelling home that you would love to come to.

  • The first step of our upholstery cleaning services is inspection. Our technicians will visit your home at a convenient time to inspect the furniture to ascertain the cleaning solution and tools to use
  • The cleaning will be done at a later date after fixing an appointment with you
  • We use heated cleaning solution that loosens embedded dirt and soil, making the extraction process easy
  • Thereafter the furniture is thoroughly rinsed to remove the dirt, soil and all traces of the cleaning solution
  • We recommend using a protective product to extend the life of the fabric. In addition, we also suggest using a deodorizing product to help make the furniture and your home smell clean and fresh

With our unique upholstery cleaning services, you can be assured of a thorough and professional cleaning job. Call us for an estimate.