Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaner Cincinnati, OH

Our Office & Commercial carpet cleaning team in Cincinnati protects Your carpet investment. Regular carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet.

Honest & Affordable Office Cleaning Services Cincinnati

Our office cleaning Cincinnati team specializes in small office to big commercial cleaning in greater Cincinnati. Get on time, reliable cleaning service. We provide both One-time & Regular cleaning. Hire a company you can trust.

Office Janitorial Services Cincinnati, OH

Looking for reliable janitorial services in Cincinnati? Our team provides best commercial janitorial services in Cincinnati, OH. We are a family-owned business. Our services are professional & affordable.

Commercial Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services Cincinnati

Marty B’s General Klean has offered excellent commercial cleaning service in Cincinnati and surrounding towns since 2001. If you are looking for a Cincinnati commercial cleaning business to provide devoted, punctual VCT floor stripping and waxing, restroom cleaning, window cleaning or all of the above, give Marty B’s General Klean a Call at 513-709-9850. Professional carpet cleaning provides a healthy atmosphere to your home as it reduces the level of dust and allergens in your home. Microbes that come from windows or fall from shoes snug within carpet’s fiber causing allergy flare-ups and irritations when kids are getting close to them. You cannot get rid of such harmful allergens even how much you take care of it. Deep cleaning by our carpet cleaning Cincinnati, OH professionals is the only way to make your carpets free from allergens, dust, and mites.

Why Choose Marty B’s Commercial Cleaning Services in Cincinnati, OH?

There are several commercial cleaning companies that serve the Cincinnati area. Here’s why you should consider hiring our commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati:

Office Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati - Janitor Services Cincinnati
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Environment friendly/Green cleaning
  • Family-owned, Devoted & Reliable Commercial Cleaning
  • Professional & Affordable Service
  • We provide both One-time & Regular cleaning
  • We arrive at meetings and appointments on time
  • We are accessible to you when you require service
  • Honest & high-quality service

You can expect your office fresh, clean, and ready to welcome employees and customers. Let Marty B’s General Klean help you with your commercial cleaning needs in Cincinnati. We would be delighted to get this opportunity to work with you.

Office / Commercial cleaning services Cincinnati, OH

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Cincinnati: Make carpet odors and stains disappear. Marty B’s General Klean will leave your Cincinnati commercial carpet clean, fresh, and vibrant. Add years to your flooring with regular carpet cleaning in Cincinnati.

Office Cleaning Cincinnati: From floor to ceiling, your office will be mopped, cleaned and welcoming to employees and customers. Extra cleanings for holidays and special events are also possible. Our office cleaning Cincinnati team won’t leave you unsatisfied.

Janitor Services Cincinnati: Cleanings are performed to specifications and on your schedule. Routine cleanings include trash removal, hard floor maintenance, dusting, and paper product restocking. Your office will be kept in impeccable form with Marty B’s General Klean performing your janitorial cleaning services in Cincinnati.

Green Cleaning Cincinnati, OH

Green Cleaning is the practice to maintain a clean and healthy building, without harming the building’s inhabitants or the surrounding environment. Marty B’s General Klean is pleased to provide Green Seal-approved cleaning products, ammonia free window cleaner, low VOC hard floor cleaning products, hot water carpet extraction which decreases the need for chemicals and cleaning techniques that support environmentally conscious cleaning methods. Read more about green cleaning.


The job of a cleaner is to only take care of a specific area, while a janitor's clean & maintain your property. Cleaners usually work in smaller homes or residential areas whereas janitors in larger public areas or commercial establishments.
Janitor service includes mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms, removing garbage and recycling, and cleaning mirrors and windows.
Most carpets require between 6 and 10 hours to completely dry. It could require up to 24 hours to dry based on the season, humidity, air circulation, and temperature of your home or office.
Commercial cleaning service includes carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, window washing, and power washing etc.
Following are some things you can expect from our staff:
  • Well-trained Staff
  • Professionalism
  • Flexible Hours
  • Reliable Workers
  • Regular Routine
  • On-time service
Marty B's General Klean has environmental certifications and takes the environment into consideration when we perform our work. So the best way to go green & promote eco-friendliness is to choose a green janitorial service like Marty B's General Klean.
Do not use bleach, detergents, or other harsh chemicals on a wool carpet as these may disintegrate the fibers and lighten a stain rather than remove it permanently. Instead, try a natural or bio-enzyme carpet cleaner that can easily remove stains caused by a variety of organic materials.
  • Vacuum regularly and on a schedule to reduce the amount of soil and dust in your carpet.
  • Invest in a quality, high-suction vacuum that will pick up large particles of soil and will not clog the machine or damage the carpet.
  • Rearrange furniture every few months to avoid wear and tear on the carpet.
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned 1-2 times per year depending on your usage

For Office Carpet Cleaning & Janitor Service in Cincinnati, OH, Call (513) 709-9850

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