Carpet cleaning comes with numerous benefits. It makes your office look clean, along with increasing the productivity of the employees.

However, there are certain commercial carpet cleaning myths that often confuse office owners. These myths are required to be debunked to ensure that there are absolutely no seeds of doubt when the office owner goes with carpet cleaning.

Top carpet cleaning myths busted

Readout some of the major carpet cleaning myths and the facts that you really need to know about commercial carpet cleaning below.

Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked - Office Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati1) Carpet doesn’t require regular vacuuming: Regular vacuum is a must to increase the lifespan of your carpet and ensure that it stays in the best possible form for a longer timeframe.

It’s always recommended that you vacuum your carpet regularly, as it will definitely witness heavy foot traffic. Also, keep in mind that regular vacuuming by no means removes oily soils. Hence, deep or say professional carpet cleaning is a must at regular intervals.

2) New carpet won’t require cleaning: Even if the carpet at your office is new, it by no means eliminate the fact that it does require cleaning.

The more you keep on delaying the carpet cleaning process, the more the dust will be accumulated, and the difficult & pricey the carpet cleaning will be. Hence, start early with the carpet cleaning.

The earlier you start the carpet cleaning, the longer will the lifespan of your carpet, and the looks of the carpet won’t be snatched away by the dirt.

3) Carpet cleaning method doesn’t really matter: This is one of the most common myths about carpet cleaning. Remember, every carpet cleaning method comes with different effectiveness.

It all depends on your requirements, preferences, and material of the carpet when it comes to selecting a carpet cleaning method for your office.

Hence, if you have been thinking all this while that every carpet cleaning method is the same, you need to throw away this thought right now.

4) Carpet deodorant works well: Most people feel that carpet deodorant is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to keep carpet look & smell fresh. However, the reality widely varies.

A deodorant might make your carpet look good and smell fresh for a few days, but it is never a reliable solution when the long-term picture is taken into consideration.

Hence, if you really want your office carpets to smell and look good for a longer timeframe, ensure that you don’t only rely on the carpet deodorants.

5) Regular carpet cleaning ruins the looks and health of the carpet: This is another common myth that doesn’t allow office owners to get their carpet cleaned regularly. They don’t mind seeing their carpets dirty, but they are ready to believe a statement that has absolutely no base.

Yes, carpet cleaning can play with the carpet’s health, but only if it is not done efficiently. The use of toxic chemicals is one major reason why carpet cleaning degrades the carpet’s health.

Hence, if you believe that regular carpet cleaning isn’t good for your health, stop thinking that, hire a good carpet cleaning company, and ensure that the right carpet cleaning tactics are followed.

These are some of the most common carpet cleaning myths prevailing in the market. If you believe in any of them, now is the time to know the facts.

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