Professional cleaning will comprehensively eliminate the entire array of dirt, grime and soiling agents that have marred the appearance of your carpet or upholstery. However, your carpet will still remain vulnerable to potential stain causing agents, scuffing, pet urine, spills etc that can disfigure the carpet and diminish its life. This will essentially spell additional expenses on your part for carpet restoration and eventually you may have to invest heavily to purchase a new one. The enzyme packed carpet protectant will provide nourishment for the organic content in the fiber. This will reinforce their vitality and extend the functional life of fiber.


Compelling reasons to opt for a Carpet Protectant:

  •  Your prized carpet will get a fresh lease of life after application of the protectant.
  • The fiber protectant will delay the setting in time of stains and thus minimize permanent stains/spots. The protectant forms a coating on the fabric that will repel liquids and hold them on the surface for extended period. This will allow you to blot it out before the liquid seeps in and forms permanent stain. Your carpet will be saved from permanent damage.
  • Carpets subjected to heavy traffic can literally succumb to the wear and tear sustained through scuff or exposure to abrasive dirt. The protectant will mitigate the vulnerabilities and form a top layer that will absorb the corrosive impact of the contaminants and traffic. A carpet left unprotected will fall victim to such degrading forces and you will have your pocket dented having to purchase a carpet relatively earlier than normal. Are you ready to commit this costly mistake and leave your carpet defenseless? Your wisdom will pay you rich dividends.
  • A carpet secured with protectant will demand commitment of less time and effort on your part for removal of spills. The carpet will also sustain less wear and tear.
  • Cleaning of carpet will become relatively easy as the protectant will form a barrier, resisting the dirt from permeating in the fiber mesh. Professional cleaning will bring better results for you with the protectant on.

Ask one of our professionals about applying a protectant on your carpet!