Used them for 5 years! Our Floors are in New Condition!

“If your business has cleaning needs I highly recommend you consider using Marty B’s General Klean service. I have used his cleaning service in my business ( veterinary hospital ) for over five years to keep our floors and windows in a like new condition. Our tile/linoleum floors were first installed in 1991. Through the years they have seen heavy people and animal traffic. They were starting to show signs of wear, and I thought I may have to replace them. Marty came in five years ago and made them look like new again. Since then he has kept them looking great! Many clients have commented how nice our ‘new floors’ look. Marty is a dependable, hardworking, and trustworthy contractor that I feel comfortable recommending to any business that needs a cleaning service. For a personal reference call my business phone ( 513-791-7912 ) and ask for me or any of my staff about Marty. He is a big part of our healthcare team.”

Dr. Fairhurst, Janitorial Services at a Veterinary Hospital

Very Satisfied. Highly Recommended!

“We hired Marty “B” General Klean to clean many of the carpets in our apartment buildings and we are very satisfied with his work. We hired him to clean the carpets at our church and he did a great job there also. I would recommend him to everyone who needs their floors/carpet cleaned.”

S.L.Jasper, Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Cincinatti, OH (S&D Jasper Properties LLC owns and manages 28 apartments in 6 buildings in the Cincinnati area.)

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