Removal of pet pee is relatively easy in the earlier stages, once the deposition is detected. If you procrastinate for more than a day, the acidic content in the pee will start forming compounds with the organic content of the fiber. This will lead to erosion of the fiber mesh and will also set in discoloration, which may well go beyond restoration limits. An ugly patch will emerge. The home ambience will also suffer deterioration as the wet patch will foster bacterial growth. Your health will be compromised for such a simple issue.

 How we can help you? 

Such a grievous issue can be tackled by our competent and extensively trained technicians with ease. Our cleaning chemicals have the enzyme power that can eliminate the acidic portion of the pee comprehensively and protect the carpet from future discolorations.

If you have reported the case late and the acid in the pee has brought about permanent discoloration/ dyeing of the carpet, the color can not be restored by any exercise. We will patch the affected area with portion extracted from an inconspicuous part of the carpet like closet.

carpet cleaningOur technicians will report in no time at your location once you have booked a visit. The entire affected portion will be earmarked for focused treatment after a thorough assessment of the carpet.

If the extent of damage is substantial and the spot has been left unattended for considerable time, our technicians may pull up the carpet, get the affected pad removed and then have the back of carpet thoroughly cleaned. The floor will be subjected to enzyme treatment for sanitizing the area and stop any bacterial breeding. We will then have a new underlay placed and get the carpet re-installed.

If the damage has assumed dramatic proportions, we may need to disinfect and reseal the concrete slab beneath the affected underlay.