Professional Floor Cleaning Services in Cincinnati

Choose Marty B’s General Klean for your regular commercial floor cleaning and rest assured they will be maintained superbly! Led by highly trained supervisors, our Cincinnati floor cleaning crews don’t cut corners – they shine them! We’re small enough to understand that customer service is essential, yet big enough to handle your most challenging commercial Cincinnati floor cleaning job.

Marty B’s General Klean can clean any floor, and specializes in the following:

  • Floor MaintenanceFloor Cleaning Services Cincinnati, OH
  • Tile Floor Cleaning
  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning
  • Marble Floor Cleaning
  • Linoleum Floor Cleaning
  • Stone Floor Cleaning
  • Terrazzo Floor Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning

Not only can Marty B’s General Klean provide initial floor cleaning to your building, but our floor cleaning Cincinnati team can also set you up on a maintenance program that will keep your commercial floors sparkling while protecting your flooring investment!

Searching for a commercial cleaning company to handle your VCT floor stripping and waxing, aka floor finishing?

Marty B’s General Klean will devise a program that will keep your floors sparkling all year long. Our floor-cleaning Cincinnati experts can complete the job in a timely and thorough manner. You’ll have no downtime or inconvenience, as we’ll complete the job around your schedule and hours of operation. Need a weekend or overnight stripping and waxing? No problem.

Marty B’s General Klean is the Floor Stripping and floor finishing company office managers have trusted for years!

Marty B’s General Klean’s Floor Stripping and Finishing Process

Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Services in Cincinnati, OH

First, our floor cleaning Cincinnati experts will carefully clear the floor of any items that can reasonably be moved. Next, we will thoroughly vacuum your floors to remove dirt and grit. A tough, effective stripping solution will be applied. We’ll use our stripping machines to work the solution into old layers of wax to dissolve them. The stripping solution and old wax are then completely removed. The floor is thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue. Patience is a virtue. Your floor is allowed to dry completely. A sealer is applied which will fill in pores and cracks and create a surface that is ready to accept wax. Last, 2-3 coats of a superior-quality floor finish are applied. After the floor is completely dry, furnishings will be carefully replaced as they were found. Once this beautiful baseline is created, cleaning and maintaining is a cinch!

Hire Marty B’s General Klean to provide regular floor cleaning to vacuum and mop the floors regularly to keep them clean & shining. Our floor-cleaning Cincinnati professionals don’t cut corners, we SHINE them! Contact our floor cleaning Cincinnati experts to get reliable & top-rated services.

Other Commercial Floor Maintenance Services Provided:

Spray Buffing: Recommended every one week to three months depending on the volume of traffic in your building and the proximity of your building to street-level dirt and grime. We’ll spray on a wax solution to maintain a clean gloss finish. This will not only keep your VCT floors beautiful but will protect your flooring investment and make cleaning them easy.

Top Coating: Recommended to extend the life of your floor finish, top coating is done by vacuuming and mopping thoroughly and then applying an additional coat of floor finish. This is often done quarterly and can help you to extend your full strip/wax job for up to 18-20 months.

Call Marty B’s General Klean today at 513-709-9850 to schedule your floor stripping and waxing appointment!

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